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it’s your camino

The Camino de Santiago offers many things to many people, each comes with their own hopes and goals.

For centuries the Camino has been a great teacher and leveller, all those who travel its parth connect with simplicity and are changed in some way.

Though it may not solve all our problems, there is much historical evidence (Aboriginal people, Kurds, Bedouins) that humans on the move are happier and more peaceful.

It is less about the destination and more about a new way of seeing new things. (ref. Henry Miller)



I have walked in 2016/2017 and have plans to do it again. It was a unique experience and included camaraderie and many of challenges you have probably read about.  I’ve made life long friends, I was so proud of my physical achievement and the time in nature was extraordinary.  There are experiences in life that change you, that are so deep it is as if they change your DNA.

I went with an attitude of curiosity, but it can be very different for everyone and that is why they say, “It is your Camino”. My experiences and research can assist you in your journey along The Way.

many reasons to
walk the camino

  • A weekend hike is not enough, you want more.
  • Seen others come back revitalised
  • Desire to walk in nature
  • Find deep connections with other people
  • Find new meaning to life
  • Time for self-reflection away from the busyness of life.
  • Feeling stuck
  • Break old chains or habits
  • Fitness and health.

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